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Creative Locale is not just another online platform. We are a community of talented UK based artists and designers, who enjoy collaborative networking and marketing initiatives, and who support and promote one another’s work. We also help emerging talented artists through our programme of support.

Did you know many artists completely undervalue and undersell their work in order to get noticed in online marketplaces? High street galleries are increasingly difficult to get into – with commissions ranging from 40-60%. Being found on global online websites is almost impossible.

Creative Locale offers a cost-effective platform for artists to set up a gallery without compromising on the quality of their pieces – enabling our artists to realise their true worth from the effort, expertise and passion that goes into every making each item.

Buying a piece through Creative Locale helps support independent artists and designers and helps to keep trade “local”, this in turn will help to deliver positive impact, both socially and economically in our local communities.

We want to encourage people to think more about the social impact when purchasing.

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We know all our artists personally – we are building a community of like-minded creatives, all our artists undergo a pre-vetting process. We create their individual galleries, so you can have confidence that you are shopping with talented, creative, professionals.

However, we understand that when spending a lot of money you may wish to speak to someone prior to making a purchase.

If you would like to speak to one of us please call during office hours: 0118 947 5857 and we will try to help you, or email and we will respond within 24 hours.

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Creating artwork is a joy to me; at the same time it is also incredibly stressful and scary. Making Art allows me to explore, experiment, play, take risks, and break new ground.  It’s also a way of escaping everyday life and a method of speeding up time through lockdown!

Sue Bridge, ArtBirds

Berkshire born artist Simon Pink, is renowned for his nature inspired contemporary paintings. A childhood spent exploring the countryside ignited his passion and fascination providing the inspiration for his unique artistic style.

As an artist, I love to capture summer in my works. This painting reminds me of those fantastic holidays that we enjoyed in the past, let’s assume this coming summer will be great and full of wonderful moments.

Alina Luchianov, Art by Alina Luchianov

Working from his Emmer-Green studio he combines this wandering lifestyle with an ongoing fine-art practice based on drawing, painting and, more recently, paper cutting.

Charles Burns, Silhouettist

I work as a multi-disciplinary artist and my other interests include making handmade books, and monoprinting, both of which I teach regularly at workshops..

Janina Maher, Bindweed Art Studio

Jane lives in the Lincolnshire countryside and most of her inspiration comes from animals seen around the county. She works from the heart; identifying the heart of the subject and brings character and personality to the paintings.

Sarah is a freelance artist based in Surrey, UK. Sarah specialises in large scale paintings of animals and birds. She layers acrylic paint on canvas and uses contemporary finishes to complement traditional and modern interior design.

Sarah Jane Shepherd, SJS Original Art

I am a South African born, self-taught multi-disciplinary, upcycling artist. I work primarily with acrylics, spray paint and more recently mixed media and collage, diversifying myself as an artist more and more each day. I also plan to create prints in the future.

Francesca Dunne, Fran & Garlic

Tom started street photography as a personal photography project a few years ago and fell in love with the genre. It’s a style of photography that enables him to wander the streets looking for entirely natural scenes.

Tom Waller, Street Photography

I am a Welsh-based, independent designer, creating beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery. Before setting up my own business, I worked for two award winning jewellers, completing unique CAD designed jewellery for their customers.

My aim is to create works of art that allow personal interpretation and that through their imagery highlight and represent some of the beauty of the landscape and our experiences within it.  The purpose of my work is for you to feel immersed in this vitality, positivity, joy and wonder in your own environment.

Roberta Tetzner, Roberta Tetzner Art

I am influenced by colour, texture and the human form. I love to experiment, pushing the glass to its limits in an attempt to express my ideas. My inspiration comes from Ancient Egyptian art, modern dance, the sea and reflections, textiles, and photography.

Teresa Chlapowski, Sculptor and Digital Artist

Scarlet crafts her products by hand from her workshop in South Oxfordshire. She trained in jewellery, specialising in silversmithing. The finished products are substantial, unique and highly tactile pieces of jewellery for special occasions such as christenings, births, moving house and … just because!

I have gone from producing a sterile pot as quickly and efficiently as possible to using a slow fluid mark making process to produce a more relaxed style of work on the potter’s wheel, even allowing a series of pots to develop in a similar but individual way.

Elaine Wells, Pavilion Pottery

With influences from Korean and Japanese ceramics, both ancient and modern, my works explores the strong, simple forms. For surface decoration I use both glaze and non-glaze methods, looking for lively, active effects often with the use of smoke or raku firings.

Debbie Page, Ceramicist & Potter

Street photography is my main passion, which, in addition to European travel, includes my home town and Brighton, where I escape to whenever I can. I’m particularly interested in Mod culture, albeit (as a hard rock fan) with a spy-in-the-camp sensibility!

Rhiannon Stocking-Williams, Photography

Matt Emmett is a graphic designer and an award winning architectural and landscape photographer based in Caversham, Reading. He has been obsessed by the recording of lesser known historic locations and at-risk heritage since 2012 . . .

Elizabeth is able to work in most media, but happiest when working in acrylics or watercolours. Her inspiration comes from observing her surroundings in the Berkshire and Hampshire countryside or the Scottish Islands , especially Arran.

Elizabeth Baldin, Painter & illustrator

Hi, I’m Melanie, jewellery designer and maker behind Kokkino. Inspired by anything from the colour of a new growing bud, an old beloved button, architecture, art and textiles. I draw from any number of influences to create my collections of jewellery.

Growing up in an artistic environment, I spent many years drawing and painting, but it was several years later, in 1996, that I finished an art and music degree where I specialised in stone sculpture. However, after a few years’ gap my current focus is painting.

Gaye Daniels, Artist and Sculptor

Hi, I’m Kate Box, I am an independent knitwear designer, passionate about blending contemporary design with traditional craft. Following a career in London working with industry greats including Orla Kiely, Kay Cosserat and Julia Pines, I launched my own knitwear label.

Hi I’m Kate, I am a textile designer and have worked in the industry for 18 years. I left the corporate safety net about 8 years ago to work freelance and now have my own textile business making products for the home with a focus on sustainability and using British manufacturing & suppliers.

Kate Cullum, Textile Designer

Clare is an award winning artist who has always enjoyed painting , influenced by an artistic family. Clare loves the countryside of her local area in Berkshire and Oxfordshire and the coast and countryside of the UK . Clare specialises in land and seascapes of the British isles.

Clare Buchta, Landscape Painter

Hi I’m Tamalia, I set up the MADEbyTamalia Studio as a little craft sanctuary in Caversham. I’m incredibly passionate about sharing arts and crafts with the local community to help improve wellbeing and will often be found involved in many other local wellness or environmental events.

Tamalia Reeves, Resin Artist

Making images for me is a very sensory and mediative experience; I play with my subject for some time, focusing my attention solely on exploring it from different angles, finding the compositions which most please my sense of aesthetic. I rarely make adjustments to the images once they are taken.

Sarah Salmon, Photographer

I try to capture as much information as possible in the field, sometimes through the use of multiple exposures for a single scene, then use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop where I will put the ‘mood’ back into the images that the digital camera often sterilises. Although using the above post processing techniques I still like my images to remain truthful to the original scene.

Dave Olinski, Photographer