I’m a full-time architect with a passion for the arts. Before I went to University I’ve studied Plastic Arts and I could manage to work out a 4-year programme in 2 years. It was an exciting marathon and I’m glad that I handled it. Then I went to the University of Architecture, where for 6 years I had the opportunity to learn so much more. Abstract arts and architectural sketches were part of my program too.

I do make paintings and sketches in my free time and when I’m in a wonderful mood.


Abstract flowers – I do use oil and acrylic paint for my works. Each piece of art is unique and colourful. If you want people to feel energised and uplifted when they come into your home/office then a bold piece of art will make the WOW effect! I could sell them with and without a frame. I’m also able to create in any sizes and colour palette.

Architectural hand-drawn sketches – If someone wants to depict their property before and after any development, a hand-drawn sketch might be beautiful contemporary art for anyone. Choose to have the front or the rear of your house, or perhaps your property before new development, garden design or to show the changes since you moved in. Each black and white sketch is a beautiful and contemporary art that will serve as a sentimental keepsake and a lovely, unique and very special gift for you and your family!

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