Creative Locale Photography Guide

Great photography helps to sell great pieces

Consider employing a professional photographer, as they have the equipment and expertise to help you achieve better prices for your pieces and collections, photographs can always be re-used in your blogs/brochure/web site –

If you are taking the photographs yourself here are a few useful tips:


  • Try to shoot in natural light – if you have to add extra light, keep any artificial lighting as natural-looking as possible and try not to have product on a really white background
  • Avoid shadow – try to make sure there is no shadow behind your pieces
  • Don’t over – edit – do not over retouch or add harsh filters, borders or watermarks to your shots
  • Make it clear what you are selling in the shot i.e. when shooting jewellery please don’t stack or layer items
  • Take photographs showing the back, sides and any specific details – form, colour, shape showcase all the details of the pieces you are selling
  • Do not use someone else’s photos- you must own the shots you upload to your shop do not use stock images
  • Try to use colour not black and white images – unless your work is created in black & white
  • Your shop front should reflect your style and represent your brand – consider a strong, seasonally relevant image which will make the most impact
  • You may upload six images per item listing.

All details about photographic sizes and how to add edit and delete images in the Artists’ Guidance notes – on how to open and manage your shop. (LINK)

Please note: We check new listings regularly – if any listings are found which don’t follow our rules, they will be removed them from the site temporarily in order for you to make a few changes.

If you need help and guidance please call Sue on 07969 247 432

Courtesy of Sue – SuePix Photography