Born and raised in Reading a 3 year stint working in Photographic retail in my early twenties cemented my love of photography. After many subsequent years away from the industry, but without losing a passion for creating images, I fell into a role of an in house content creator where I spent several years before making the leap to full time freelance work.

Although much of my commercial work now revolves around studio based product or outdoor lifestyle photography I am never happier than when wandering the hills alone chasing beautiful light in pursuit of my passion for landscape images.


I try to capture as much information as possible in the field, sometimes through the use of multiple exposures for a single scene, then use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop where I will put the ‘mood’ back into the images that the digital camera often sterilises. Although using the above post processing techniques I still like my images to remain truthful to the original scene.


Shortlisted for UK Landscape Photographer of the Year 2020


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