With a career in Banking and Accountancy, about 8 years ago decided I needed a hobby to develop my creative side. I did not know what medium I wanted to use but I knew it needed to be abstract, colourful and glossy as I love colour.

After much trial and error, over a number of years with different mediums, I discovered artist resin and began a journey of self discovery in ability and technique.

Artist resin was a fairly new medium with little available guidance at the time and it took a couple of years to finally produce creations that did not end up in the bin! I developed various techniques with the resin to create depth, layers and special effects within the artwork.

I also create plexiglass art which provides a lighter modern feel. Plexiglass is a clear sheet of resin, lightweight but strong and when hung on the wall the light filters through the colours creating pretty filigree shadows onto the wall adding to the look of the piece. I am not aware of anyone else creating this style of art, this is a technique I have developed through trial and error and completely self taught. This art is also weatherproof and can be used in a sheltered garden area as well as indoors.

All of the pieces I create are unique and they can never be exactly replicated which I love, you are never too sure what the end result will be.

I have been successful in selling my work both in the UK and abroad and often take commissions to create pieces in a specific colour-way or size.

Member of the Fine Art Guild and Treasurer and member of The Farnham Art Society


Resin art – Resin is a 2 part liquid and in the last 6 years artist quality resin has been available. Once mixed it hardens within a fairly short space of time. I mix batches as needed throughout the creation of a piece of art and add various artist colour pigments to each batch. When poured onto a flat surface (the surface must be perfectly flat otherwise the resin will just slide off the substrate) the colours mingle and spread. Using different pigments, additives and spreading techniques you can create many effects, but the joy of resin is, it does have a mind of its own, so you are never quite sure what the end result will be. Resin can be layered to create extra depth to the picture. I blow torch the picture as the resin cures to remove any air bubbles and surface dust. During the initial drying process that takes up to 24 hours it is imperative not to allow any dust etc to fall onto the artwork to spoil the high gloss finish. The resin is fully cured after 10 days.

Plexiglass art – this is the application of colours (acrylic paint), normally three or four colours, to a sheet of plexiglass. Plexiglass is actually a clear sheet of resin making the piece lightweight and durable but strong. The secret to the application of the colour is to obtain the correct consistency of the paint by mixing with a flow medium which is then applied using a technique I have developed.

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