I am a South African born, self-taught multi-disciplinary, upcycling artist. I work primarily with acrylics, spray paint and more recently mixed media and collage, diversifying myself as an artist more and more each day. I also plan to create prints in the future. This is my side hustle.

I started my art journey painting animals with a bright, bold flair that comes from my diverse upbringing in South Africa which inspires my colour palettes and bold line work. I am also heavily influenced by street art- not only as a style, but also all it encompasses from a socially conscious standpoint. I see my works as a stand for nature, portraying animals in a bold way that makes you stop, look and take in their beauty a while. Nature is at the core of my ideas.

My art is about beautifying and reviving in a world that is now more than ever chaotic and destroyed.

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t. 07528 333 515
e. franandgarlic@gmail.com
w. https://www.franandgarlic.co.uk

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Instagram: @franandgarlic_artist
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