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Growing up in an artistic environment, I spent many years drawing and painting, but it was several years later, in 1996, that I finished an art and music degree where I specialised in stone sculpture. However, after a few years’ gap my current focus is painting.

My work is vibrant, bright and representational working in acrylic. Inspired by landscapes and flowers, my paintings have echoes of Expressionism and Fauvism.

My studio is a former aviary and I look out over fields sometimes sharing the view with the cows on the estate and ladybirds who seem to like my paintings.

In addition to painting on canvas I create murals on walls, doors, shutters or any permanent structure.

I am a member of Herts Visual Arts (HVA) and IMAP on the Cote d’Azure and regularly exhibit in London, Home counties and the Cote d’Azure.

All art is available to buy and I am available for commissions.

Please contact me to discuss more.

Technique & Inspiration

I see the world in colour and my work is about putting technicolour into my paintings. I want to take the image that I have seen and trap the energy that I felt whilst looking at it.

I use a painterly style of brushwork, working in fast, loose strokes and like the appearance of visible brushstrokes in the finished painting. For me it is the best way to express what I want to put onto canvas.

My inspiration are the landscape views around my studio, flowers and nature. I’ll quite often sit on the grass and create quick paintings/sketches that I can later use.

I’ll either sketch a view or photograph it. Then I’ll paint that sketch in acrylic in my sketchbook. If I’m travelling, I’ll sketch in permanent ink block and then recreate that in acrylic in my sketchbook playing around with colour.

I don’t believe that it is necessary to paint a tree brown and green but will quite often paint the tree in different colours like blue or red. The effect can be stunning.

I also love poppies and have created a series of them painted in different ways.

I’ve often been told that my paintings are happy paintings and I’m delighted to hear that people feel happier when they look at them. I’m a positive person and during ‘Lockdown’ I wanted to help people who were isolated or sad and depressed. So, I posted a picture of my Tulips painting. The response was overwhelming and was asked for more. I continued daily to post paintings until people went back to work.

My influences are Cezanne, Braque, Picasso, Van Gogh and Bonnard.

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