I am a Welsh-based, independent designer, creating beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery. Before setting up my own business, I worked for two award winning jewellers, completing unique CAD designed jewellery for their customers. I have always loved being creative and to be able to design and making imaginative pieces of sparkly art that will last a lifetime is a dream come true. With so much sentiment attached to jewellery, it is so important to me that I work closely with all my clients in order to achieve designs that meet their expectations and work perfectly with their personality and style.

As a creative individual, being given new challenges and meeting new expectations is a great privilege to have and is what keeps me energised. My favourite gemstones are tourmalines for their intense colours and huge variation. I love the wide range of colours from olive green and tealy blue to dusky pinks and soft peach. They can be eye clean and sparkly or filled with fascinating inclusions either way I can’t get enough of them. My favourite metal is platinum. It’s not just the heavy weight or the rarity of the precious metal that draws me in but the fact that it’s a healing metal. Its purity and hypoallergenic qualities mean that is used in medicine, for the purification of vehicle engines and you can even find it in expensive face creams. No other metal can compete with platinum for its healing qualities.


For my sock pieces I hand pick ethical and responsibly sourced diamonds and gemstones and create unique designs for each jewellery piece. Once I have finished my design, I sent it for printing and casting within the UK and using recycled or fair-trade gold and recycled platinum. The rough casting of my deign will be sent back to me and I will prepare it for the setter by filing and polishing the precious metal until the perfect finish is achieved. I use my expert and highly acclaimed London based setter to set the stones and finish the piece. I then send the piece to the Birmingham Assay office for hallmarking which includes my personal makers’ mark.

For my commissions I work in the same way but taking the client on the journey from design to completion by presenting a selection of stones for them to pick their favourite, to listening to their ideas an incorporation them into their personal, one off design. I also upcycle and revamp my clients old or unworn jewellery.

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