Hi, I’m Melanie, jewellery designer and maker behind Kokkino, lover of copious cups of tea, chocolate eclairs and Polly the cat! Lovely to see you here.

We all know that jewellery can change the way we feel. The objects that we wear sometimes each and every day for life like a long worn ring, can even leave imprints on our physical bodies, and certainly our emotions and mood, for celebrations, occasions or just to show our identity and who we are and make us feel more ourselves.

It was this special connection that lead me to want to make jewellery, taking me to the Birmingham School of Jewellery in 1994 to learn my craft. And why each piece of Kokkino jewellery will always be made by hand especially for you.

Inspired by anything from the colour of a new growing bud, an old beloved button, architecture, art and textiles. I draw from any number of influences to create my collections of jewellery.

I know that for me, jewellery can change how I feel. To pop in some beautiful blue earrings that remind me of the ocean can lift my spirits, or an elegant necklace can help me feel empowered. I suppose it’s the jewellery equivalent of popping on a little red lipstick to give you confidence and a reminder that yes, you can.

From two-in-one interchangeable earrings (perfect for holidays and trips) to stylish simple pendants that add colour and individuality, each piece has the same care and attention devoted to it.

I use the technique of enamelling and fire a fine layer of glass enamel onto the surface of sterling silver at 1000°c. The colours have been carefully chosen for clarity and depth, with 15 options ranging from the muted and subtle pearl, to zingy mouthwatering lime, and a host of beautiful blue shades.

Every design is available in any colour or colour combination.

Electra and Shimmer Collections all feature gold-plating used in a decorative way. Applied by an electro-plating technique, the gold is not pretending to be silver but enhancing it, blending softly, reminiscent of a shimmering sunrise.

Earrings range from a chic everyday stud to luxurious diamond drops, and understated pendants to flowing statement necklaces are enriched with the beautifully warm tones of 24ct gold.

I also love to make one-offs in these range using delicate and exquisite gems.

Ancient techniques paired with modern design means we produce timeless contemporary jewellery. Inspired by the pure beauty of colour, harmony and simplicity we produce feminine, elegant pieces designed to be cherished for years to come.

Please explore the collections and it’s always me at the end of the phone or email if you have any questions or enquiries.

With Best Wishes,

Mel xo

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