Project Description

Think of your mind as a canvas.

Stand back from the canvas and notice all your thoughts splashed on the canvas. All your moods, everything you’re feeling, right now, see it all on the canvas. Looking at the canvas of your mind, what do you see?

A landscape painting or an abstract painting? What colours do you see? Are the colours bright or subdued?

Imagine picking up a paintbrush and painting the canvas of your mind with the colour red, a solid red. Paint the mind red and allow all your thoughts, moods, feelings to dissolve into the vibrant red. Let the red energise and brighten your mind.

Imagine adding the colour blue to your red canvas and the canvas slowly becomes purple. Or you may want to add the colour white to give it a softer tone.

Let the colour purple calm and soothe you. Now let the colour purple become the background colour, and on top of it, paint whatever you like. Once again, stand back and observe what you’ve created.

You don’t have to understand it, just appreciate it.

Now replace the painting with a blank canvas and for the next few moments, let your mind be like a blank canvas, just a clear mind.