Project Description

Creative Locale is not just another online platform.

We are a community of talented UK artists and designers, who enjoy collaborative networking and marketing initiatives, and who support each other and promote one another’s work.

In addition we help emerging talented artists through our programme of support.

We have a partnership with @creativ.spaces and @madebytamalia ready to deliver artist focussed networking and workshops when we end this Covid period.

Did you know many artists completely undervalue and undersell their work in order to get noticed in online marketplaces?  High street galleries are increasingly difficult to get into – with commissions ranging from 40-60%. Being found on global online websites is almost impossible.

Creative Locale offers a cost-effective platform for artists to set up a gallery without compromising on the quality of their pieces –  enabling our artists to realise their true worth from the effort, expertise and passion that goes into every making each item.

Buying a piece through Creative Locale helps support independent artists and designers and helps to keep trade “local”,  this in turn will help to deliver positive impact, both socially and economically in our Communities.

Image painting is courtesy of @lizbaldin called Gratitude Bouquet