There is a wonderful intensity about the copper glaze on the Moon jar – a real copper red, which is a lovely contrast to the Lime Green glaze and the carbonised black of the naked clay. The glazes on the Moon jar were applied using a sponge hence the small round areas of naked clay which has been carbonised as part of the Raku process. Handmade with coils of clay placed in 2 hemispherical moulds, joined together with foot pedestal and rim added using White St Thomas clay.  The Moon Jar has been Raku fired giving a wonderful crackling glaze effect. Moon Jar is approx 17cm ht by 13cm wide Please note the Raku firing process places severe stress on the ceramic material, consequently cracks are visible both in the glaze and the body of the Moon Jar.  This is all part of the process of Raku firing and does not mean the Jar is damaged (full details below.)