London –born but Reading-bred, after an intermittent relationship with 35mm, I first picked up a digital DSLR in 2014 during a trip to New York City and have never quite looked back.

All my spare cash goes on photography and travel – especially solo travel which I discovered during a mid-life gap year in 2015 when I spent two months backpacking on my own from Florence to Istanbul.

Street photography is my main passion, which, in addition to European travel, includes my home town and Brighton, where I escape to whenever I can. I’m particularly interested in Mod culture, albeit (as a hard rock fan) with a spy-in-the-camp sensibility! My eye lands on scenes and people that appear to me as beautiful, poignant, funny, ugly, arresting and sometimes all of the above at the same time.


Patience! Waiting for the ‘decisive moment’; whether that’s the sun to appear or to disappear; for your subject to unknowingly turn to face you or laundry to billow on a line from a tenement high above you.


In 2017, The Observer featured one of my photos in the photo competition entitled ‘decay’ in the Observer Review
In 2018, my photo from Pride Reading won the MyReading photography competition
In 2019, my photo Newtown Gas Tower won a Pride of Reading Photography Award.

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