Roberta Tetzner seeks to capture the powerful feelings inspired by the beauty of the natural world and translate that experience into a visual record, which is both sensual and intellectual.

Working from her garden studio in Oxfordshire, Roberta is inspired by her surroundings. Striking a balance between abstraction and realism, her work facilitates an intense description of the truth of a moment recalled.

Colour plays an intrinsic part as does texture, with the inclusion of domestic waste material. Her most recent work explores the uplifting effect of light, particularly on water – and how to encapsulate the prismatic effect with shape and colour.

Roberta’s work has been widely exhibited and her paintings are to be found in collections in the UK, USA and Europe.


I work intuitively, fascinated by the alchemy of paint, not only its colour but also its texture. Colour is applied in layers, scraped off, reapplied- an ongoing dialogue with the painting, giving dimension to the organic shapes on the canvas.

The energetic force of nature and the inversion of scale are the impetus behind my flower paintings. The human beings that stand in front of them are diminished by the uncompromising presence and sheer power of these flowers that ordinarily display attributes of fragility and delicacy.

Flowers have long been associated with the feminine, and as a female artist I am interested in this association.

During the romantic period women were encouraged to study botany, as it was believed that flowers reflected feminine attributes of beauty, gentleness and grace. The study of flowers was a moral pastime connecting female-kind to the workings of God.

Beauty in art has often been dismissed as superficial and associated with the decorative, not a serious subject matter for real artists.

My paintings seek to create a timeless space where it is possible to meditate upon, and closely observe the beauty in the world around us, to become present to the wonder of nature and our human relationship to it.

This is enforced by the meditative state that I experience when I paint, the total immersion of myself to the process, the ‘discussion’ with the canvas, how I make a mark and the response, firstly, sometimes by trial and error, where the next mark is to be made.

I paint in a very intuitive way. Applying layers of paint, often scraping off as much as is put on, re-layering, then wiping off more, adding thick textured paint, and so on. Then the surprise and joy of creating the right combination – the visual with the feeling I am trying to convey. It feels like a type of Alchemy.

With these flower paintings I am celebrating the beauty of the world around us, the staggering power that it holds, and our memories and associations with it.

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