A later-life returner to art, undertaking a mid-life degree and career change, Sarah E. Jones is a local artist based on the Hampshire/Surrey border, working in acrylic and mixed media. Thematically she is drawn to landscape, seascape, nature and spirit. Elements of the natural world fuse with spiritual themes, reflecting the way that nature and spirit can be perceived as interconnected. She enjoys creating imaginary worlds in her work; mixing elements to create innovative portals to other worlds.

Sarah has exhibited her work in London, Surrey and Hampshire and is currently working on a series of flower drawings created during lockdown as an antidote to the confinement and challenges of this period by celebrating the abundant beauty of nature.

Technique: additional description of your work, including information about the process used to create your artwork

The majority of my work is mixed media, paint and collage. I have also been working more recently in coloured pencil.