Social Impact


Striving to change the way consumers think about their purchasing decisions for artworks, gifts & experiences.


Our aim is to bring together independent artists, artisans, & designers who share a core belief in aligning financial success with respect for resources – both human and environmental.

We want to inspire people to shop more consciously when buying art pieces, experiences and gifts by connecting customers to local independent artisans.


We believe the world needs more companies with a positive purpose – where nurturing people and doing the best for the planet, are as important as financial achievement.

Our focus is on supporting independent artisan communities who are passionate experts in their craft, but at the same time want to do the best for the environment.

Ethically Driven

Our artists and designers are all pre-vetted by a team of creatives so you can be assured they meet out criteria for best practice:

  • Quality craftsmanship over mass production
  • Responsible production techniques minimising waste, energy and pollution
  • Sustainability above excess consumption
  • Care for employees’ welfare including fair pay above huge profits