The Creative Locale Story

Our fellow creative friends have been finding it increasingly difficult in this global and very competitive marketplace to get their pieces and collections in front of potential customers.

Whilst the growing trend for artisan and craft web sites has been a stepping stone for some, the ability to be found on large global online websites has become almost impossible.

In addition many online market-places combine mass-produced goods from overseas, alongside handmade products, making it a challenge to makers of quality handmade products to really stand out.

We want to reconnect consumers with their local artists direct and encourage trade across communities, to deliver positive impact, both socially and economically in our towns and cities.

As creatives ourselves we want to encourage people to think more about the social impact when purchasing, and in addition to buy something unique that no one else will have in their homes or offices, from someone who has genuinely designed and made it.
So, the idea for Creative Locale was born.

About Creative Locale

Creative Locale brings together independent artists, artisans, & designers – both traditional and contemporary – from across the UK to promote, support and sell high quality design-led creative work.

From artwork to jewellery, ceramics to furniture, glassware to sculpture – all designed and made here in the UK.

Many have studied their art, craft or design to a high level and several have over twenty five years of experience working and exhibiting their pieces within the art, craft and design sector.

It’s about buying less, but better, and keeping purchasing closer to home. Treading lightly on the planet and supporting one another in creativity.

Meet Our Team

Creative Locale is a collaboration of 3 members of the Reeves family who have each spent many years working in the creative “world” and share a life-long passion for art, craft, and design.


After leaving the University of Reading where I studied fine art I worked as a Primary School Teacher and a Graphic Designer – but I was never truly happy. I crammed as much crafting, art and DIY makes into my evenings and weekends but it never felt enough.

Slowly as life started to get in the way, my passions started to be put aside for another day. After facing an incredibly difficult time in my life I turned to my Yoga to help me find balance, calm and inspiration.

Freshly armed with the realisation that I wanted to live a more creative, mindful life I decided to create MADEbyTamalia – A colourful, warm and welcoming space, where others could escape the rat race and indulge in some well-deserved creative ’me time.’

MADEbyTamalia is very much a creative space but that doesn’t mean it just for ‘creative’ types. It is about bringing community together. About reconnecting with people, whilst doing something holistic that’s beneficial to your wellbeing, as well as helping you learn a new skill.


The business idea came from a passion for helping small businesses to thrive. As a graduate in Economics and post graduate in project management I have always been involved with managing organisations and people.

I established a print & design business in the early nineties specialising in printing on “low-grade” recycled waste paper – we were proud winners of the Mars Environmental Awards for 2 years running, working for Marine Conservation Society, Woodland Trust, BBont, Oxfam to name a few.

Over the years I have set up, run and then successfully sold several creative businesses. I am very excited about engaging personally with both our artisan producers and customers. My personal approach to business will enable the nurturing of great working relationships with our artisans.


My passion is people. My background is marketing.
After many years running several small creative businesses with my husband I decided to retrain. So, in 2003 I went back to College and studied photography.

Since then I have built a successful career as a wedding photographer. Working across the UK and in Europe – having the absolute privilege to shoot the bride and groom on their Special Day.

In 2008, together with Graham we founded Business Biscotti – which quickly to become the philanthropic networking organisation of choice across various parts of the UK.

I love working with people and learning about their stories, and I am very excited about engaging personally with both our artisan producers and customers.