Creating artwork is a joy to me; at the same time it is also incredibly stressful and scary. Making Art allows me to explore, experiment, play, take risks, and break new ground. It’s also a way of escaping everyday life and a method of speeding up time through lockdown!

Nature has always been my passion and I continue to be fascinated by flowers, gardens, landscapes, and seaside places. I try to depict the inner energy of my subject matter striving to capture movement, energy and atmosphere in my work. My aim is to convey my delight and appreciation of the subject matter, and communicate it to the viewer.

I have been teaching art for over 40 years in a variety of settings, currently working part time in a local school whilst running art classes for adults from my studio. Creating my own artwork is often fuelled and complemented by the working with others.


I am a real exponent of hands on Art making and love to adopt a multimedia approach alternating between layers of print or collage, painted sections using acrylic or watercolour and drawn layers in order to intensify shape and form. I enjoy using flat ended brushes and like to apply colour swiftly with vigour. I like exploring different thicknesses and applying paint with plastic cards. I enjoy experimental marks and painterly effects which combined with bold colour adds freshness and vitality to my pieces I work on canvas, slate and paper sometimes enriching the surface with plaster in order to create texture.

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