I started off as a knitwear designer, and after many years of travelling around the world working with factories, I ended up opening my own import company. Having hit a difficult time in my life with health problems about 20 years, I was introduced to ceramics by a friend for some ‘me’ time. I then learnt that you can do glass in a kiln and I haven’t looked back: Life became all about creativity and I was thirsty to know more about this alchemic medium of glass: I have since taken many master classes in different glass techniques (with Colin Reid and Max Jacquard to name a few) and now have my own kiln (for fusing) in my studio at home.

Glass: This amazing medium allows light to play such a wonderful extra dimensional part, giving both transparency and depth to a sculpture, as though an opening into an alternative universe of just light and shadows. Fusing allows me to create sculptural panels from moulds using ceramic fibre, which have a textile, flowing quality. Sand casting gives me a deeper, more mysterious alchemic medium to pour into layers, creating more primitive sculptural pieces. In my fused vessels, I express my previous textile background and love of patterns, whilst in the more sculptural pieces I focus on emotions or moments trapped in time which the viewer can make their own.

I am influenced by colour, texture and the human form and the detail in the world around me. Every glass piece is an exciting challenge, a partnership between me and the glass as it works its own magic. My inspiration comes from Ancient Egyptian art, modern dance, the sea and reflections, textiles, spirituality (who are we?) and photography.

My husband’s love of photography meant I had to take it up too, but being more visual and sculptural in all that I see, I can’t leave anything alone so I play on Photoshop to create imaginary landscapes with pixels, turning our world into something magical.

I have exhibited at the Mall Galleries (with SWA, RSMA and RMS), La Galeria in London (with East West Arts), Birmingham Society of Artists, Oxo Gallery (finalist with Chaiya Awards 2 years running), and POSK Gallery Hammersmith as well as with galleries in Wimbledon and Hertfordshire.

I am a member of: Chelsea Art Society (CAS, and am on their council), APA (association of Polish Artists in GB), CGS (Contemporary Glass Society), Just Glass Society and HVA (Hertfordshire Visual Arts) and IAL (exhibiting also in Japan). I take part in their various group exhibitions annually.

I welcome commissions.


Glass techniques: Fused and Sand cast. I have my own kiln to do the fusing (multiple layers of glass sheets worked cold and then fused together in the kiln) but the sand casting I have to do at a friend’s studio where we pour hot, honey coloured, molten glass into sand moulds (see my website for photos of how it’s done).

Digital art – manipulating my photographs on Photoshop; having fun playing with the buttons, layering pictures and also drawing over them on the tablet as well as overlaying original hand drawn sketches etc.

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Telephone no: 02088646820 or 07900215417
Email address: aquarelledesign@chlapowski.plus.com
Web address: www.teresachlapowski.co.uk
Instagram: @teresachlapowski